fixed urls
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2007-10-14 ecalotfixed urls
2007-05-10 ecalotAdded mac levels info
2007-04-30 ecalotfixed index. Added table headers.
2007-04-29 ecalotpalette specs by david+ega table, fixed some table...
2007-04-24 ecalotdefined foretable and backtable
2007-04-13 ecalotimproved text
2007-03-29 ecalotremoved obsolete PR primitives
2007-03-29 ecalotlives->hit points
2007-03-28 ecalotfixed indexes and few info about guards
2007-03-28 ecalotmore about guards
2007-03-28 ecalotFixed indexes
2007-03-28 ecalotImproved static guards specifications
2007-03-26 ecalotadded byte 10 in static guards
2007-03-26 ecalottypos and regenerated index
2007-03-25 ecalotadded signed short
2007-03-25 ecalottypos
2007-03-24 ecalotAdded pop2 dynamic guard handling
2007-03-07 ecalotAdded pop2 tiles by Brendon James
2006-09-24 ecalottypo by Hubai Tamas
2006-08-22 ecalotfixed lines
2006-08-20 ecalotbug reported by htamas
2006-08-15 ecalotfixed typo
2006-05-28 ecalotadded 2006 to copyright
2006-04-24 orspeederMakefile to use with DEVCPP (this is a makefile, not...
2006-04-23 ecalotcasting warning
2006-04-23 ecalotchanged defines to avoid problems with our friend dev cpp
2006-02-16 ecalotFixed index
2006-02-04 ecalotadded some pop2 guard specs
2006-01-31 ecalotcorrected typos
2006-01-22 ecalotImproved pop2 level doors documentation and added rewri...
2006-01-22 ecalotadded pop2 level information
2005-12-28 ecalotinclude file to set define configurations such as debug...
2005-12-28 ecalotfixed robert's transform size bug
2005-12-28 ecalotcomments to debug the new range system
2005-12-28 ecalotfixed robert's bug
2005-06-23 ecalotadded inverted indexes
2005-06-03 ecalotBetter specified the slave index
2005-06-03 ecalotNew discoveries about pop2 indexation. Defined master...
2005-06-03 ecalotadded line index
2005-06-03 ecalotadded pop2
2005-05-26 ecalotchanged some comments
2005-05-26 ecalotFixed some comments. Moved repeated code to the getRoom...
2005-05-15 ecalotirix port
2005-05-15 ecalotadded falling tiles
2005-05-15 ecalotworks under irix
2005-05-14 ecalotMore portable. Added make package.
2005-05-14 ecalotignored generated package
2005-05-14 ecalotAdded port information
2005-05-10 ecalotsrc2 bugfix
2005-05-10 ecalotAdded src2 for irix portability
2005-03-30 ecalotRemoved las level position
2005-03-28 ecalotPR sync
2005-03-28 ecalottoc
2005-03-28 ecalotplv user data fields in lower case
2005-03-28 ecalotplv user data fields order does not matter
2005-03-27 ecalottoc
2005-03-27 ecalotadded two optional fields to the PLV specs
2005-03-27 ecalotcopyright 2005
2005-03-27 ecalotAllowed extern use of the screen (only for this layer...
2005-03-25 ecalotsynchronized with PR
2005-03-23 ecalotjoined disk.h branches
2005-03-23 ecalotjoined disk.c branches
2005-03-22 ecalotcropped comments
2005-03-12 ecalotmore typos
2005-03-12 ecalottypos
2005-03-11 ecalottable of contents
2005-03-11 ecalotbetter LZG explanation
2005-03-09 rataMy name added
2005-03-08 ratanew action: Jump Running, getting to the border
2005-03-08 rataCommented unneeded actions, due to kernel improvements...
2005-03-08 rataAdded MapBackUp
2005-03-08 rataclimb up improved
2005-03-05 rataclimb down improved
2005-03-05 ecalotbetter conditional comparissions in room.conf format
2005-03-05 ecalotmore modifications in room.conf format
2005-03-05 ecalotmodifications in room.conf format
2005-03-05 ecalotfixed room.conf dependencies
2005-03-05 ecalotmoved room graphics from room.h to room.conf
2005-03-05 ecalotall drawing macros receives x,y as the first arguments
2005-03-05 ecalotmoved TILE_W/H constants to the macro callers in room.c
2005-03-05 ecalotbugfix
2005-03-05 ecalotimproved more room drawing abstraction to make all...
2005-03-05 ecalotimproved room drawing abstraction to make all items...
2005-03-04 ecalotadded phony
2005-03-04 ecalotgroupped left and tile layers in room drawings
2005-03-02 ecalotmoved all the room graphics to room.h
2005-03-02 ecalotbetter conditions. loose tiles down are space now
2005-03-02 ecalotsome conditions are more standard
2005-03-02 ecalotstarted the boolean albegra to make the door activators...
2005-03-02 ecalotadded a TODO
2005-03-02 ecalotremoved some comments
2005-03-01 ecalotfixed tile type boolean conditions in room rendering
2005-03-01 ecalotabstracted drawing functions to defines
2005-03-01 rataClimb up improved
2005-02-28 ecalotcoded the notPressed parameter. Deprecated statesproper...
2005-02-28 rataclimb down improved
2005-02-28 ecalotclosed doors are now blocks
2005-02-27 ecalotcoded KidLooking condition. Improved some states
2005-02-27 ecalotblock interrupt state
2005-02-26 ecalotcommented unused array