deleted testing abstraction violations
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2004-06-20 ecalotsee diffs
2004-06-19 ecalotfubgix: first resource was reserved
2004-06-18 ecalotadded 2 dat files support
2004-06-18 ecalotadded types editor
2004-06-18 ecalotAdded validations
2004-06-18 ecalotnew interface
2004-06-18 ecalotadded type defines handling
2004-06-17 ecalotadded header in data.h added DATA_END_ITEMS define
2004-06-17 ecalotadded DATA_MAX_ITEMS define
2004-06-17 ecalotadded def extension to define files. Solved some bugs
2004-06-13 ecalotadded transparent handling
2004-06-13 ecalotthose files have been added to generate the resources...
2004-06-13 ecalotadded the main indexer script (creates the .h and ...
2004-06-13 ecalotpreliminary index documentation file (very incomplete...
2004-06-13 ecalotadded some compiled binaries to make the main indexed...
2004-06-13 ecalotadded index builder source code
2003-10-07 rootinitial checkin