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2013-12-13 Don't add a new album if the shortname is already in use Rodrigo Campos master
2013-08-19 Merge branch 'master' of git:// Alberto Bertogli
2013-08-13 Add rescan_album command Rodrigo Campos
2013-08-10 Add delete_album command Rodrigo Campos
2013-08-10 Split add_album command in two functions to easily reuse ... Rodrigo Campos
2013-08-10 Correctly handle images without exif info Rodrigo Campos
2013-08-11 Use a more generic footer Alberto Bertogli
2013-08-10 Check that all needed params are given on generate command Rodrigo Campos
2013-08-10 Make clearer that an empty album shortname skips it's cre... Rodrigo Campos
2013-08-10 Document that the new_page command asks to create albums Rodrigo Campos

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