deleted testing abstraction violations
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2004-06-21 ecalotdeleted testing abstraction violations
2004-06-21 ecalotmoved dummy drawing to the right place
2004-06-21 ecalotbugfix: palette offset
2004-06-21 ecalotadded palette bit shifting
2004-06-20 ecalotinitial add
2004-06-20 ecalotsee diffs
2004-06-20 ecalotmodified interface
2004-06-20 ecalotadded a debug show-resource-on-load feature
2004-06-20 ecalotbugfix in image frames count
2004-06-20 ecalotadded output init and stop
2004-06-20 ecalotsee diffs
2004-06-20 ecalotadded summy output interface
2004-06-20 ecalotadded from PR code
2004-06-20 ecalotAdded dummy kernel and output
2004-06-20 ecalotmodified loadImage interface
2004-06-20 ecalotadded type handling
2004-06-20 ecalotbetter resource testing dummy kernel
2004-06-20 ecalotNew private functions
2004-06-19 ecalotImproved some res_getData, it is optimum when id =...
2004-06-19 ecalotadded a dummy testing for resLoad
2004-06-19 ecalotAdded a resLoad use sample
2004-06-19 ecalotAdded tMemory structure
2004-06-19 ecalotImproved some resLoad. This code currently compiles
2004-06-18 ecalotbugfix
2004-06-18 ecalottypo
2004-06-18 ecalotadded the res_data.h and res_types.h includes
2004-06-18 ecalotadded some code, does not compile anymore
2004-06-16 ecalotModified to make freeprince compile
2004-06-16 ecalotnew kernel interface
2004-06-16 ecalotmain is now the parser
2004-06-16 ecalotkernel dummy, virst version
2004-06-16 ecalotadded kernel compilation
2004-06-16 ecalotmain is now a parser, the kernel makes the stuff
2004-06-16 ecalotSimilarized interfaces
2004-06-16 ecalotcreated interface to read and save configuration variables
2004-06-16 ecalotadded new interfaces for hof and sav files handling
2004-06-14 ecalotimproved interface. Added more comments
2004-06-13 ecalotadded a draft map interface
2004-06-13 ecalotadded memory-free function
2004-06-13 ecalotcorrected typo
2004-06-13 ecalotredefined interface
2004-06-13 ecalotadded the palette to the interface
2004-06-13 ecalotinvert parameter
2004-06-12 ecalotadded new headers
2004-06-12 ecalotadded resource handling directory
2004-06-12 ecalotadded first makefile
2004-06-11 ecalotganimake project suspended
2004-06-11 ecalotNuevas interfaces para manejo abstracto de la SDL
2004-04-03 dessayaComentarios en los .h
2004-04-03 dessayaPrueba.
2004-03-31 ecalotAdded engine script specifications
2004-03-23 ecalotno message