fixed urls
[fp-git.git] / stuff /
2005-03-14 ecalotadded const to declaration. maskbyte is now private...
2005-03-13 ecalotadded a commented bad optimization
2005-03-13 ecalotoptimized maskBit function
2005-03-13 ecalotnew defines
2005-03-13 ecalotsome comments I needed to understand it
2005-03-13 dessayaFound a method of getting the same compression ratio...
2005-03-13 dessaya* Coded the compression algorithm.
2005-03-12 ecalotChanged completely how the algorithm works. Uses 1024...
2005-03-12 ecalotadded debug information. Window initialization now...
2005-03-12 ecalotrenamed to fpconf.vim
2005-03-12 ecalotall states/*conf files are detected
2005-03-11 ecalotused maskbyte to determine data corruption
2005-03-10 dessayaadd fproom.vim
2005-03-10 dessayaadd fpres.vim
2005-03-10 dessayaadd fpanims.vim
2005-03-10 dessayaUpdated fptiles.vim
2005-03-10 dessayaUpdated fpflags.vim
2005-03-10 dessayaminor fix
2005-03-10 dessayavim autodetect syntax: states.conf is now main.conf...
2005-03-10 dessayaFinished fpstates.conf
2005-03-10 ecalotrenamed some variables. New comments.
2005-03-10 dessayaUpdated fpstates.vim. Still needs a bit of working...
2005-03-10 ecalotfixed comment
2005-03-09 ecalotadded some comments and cleared the code
2005-03-09 ecalotchanged sign and added descriptive information
2005-03-09 ecalotadded diff checking script
2005-03-09 ecalotremoved unused variable
2005-03-09 ecalotincluded the h calculations in the array
2005-03-09 ecalotmore simplification and variable separation
2005-03-09 ecalotdiscovered a new simplification
2005-03-09 ecalotadded contest
2005-02-28 ecalotDeprecated files.
2005-01-27 ecalotMoved to another repository. Replaced by the new font...
2005-01-27 ecalotadded last character
2005-01-26 ecalotconvert from raw image (convert image.bmp Gray:raw...
2005-01-25 ecalotFinished the output text library
2005-01-24 ecalotAdded draw message
2005-01-17 gazeradd some useful functions
2005-01-16 gazer add BMP font
2005-01-16 gazer Implement outputDrawText and add usage example.
2005-01-13 ecalotused a bit more of the tile group abstraction in room.c
2004-10-30 dessayaAdded more vim syntax highligting files.
2004-10-30 dessayaUpdated fpstates.vim
2004-10-30 dessayaAdded vim syntax highlighting definitions
2004-10-19 ecalottile grouping primitive added
2004-10-17 ecalotAdded GPL headers
2004-10-16 ecalotFixed awk bugs
2004-10-16 ecalotbetter scripts
2004-10-15 ecalotAdded states parsing script
2004-08-24 ecalotdeprecated
2004-08-24 ecalotremoved deprecated old resources module data information
2004-08-21 ecalotAdded exit gate. Added stone separators. Etc.
2004-08-12 ecalotadded new resources
2004-08-10 ecalotadded font-support image file, in a future it will...
2004-07-23 ecalotignored generated resources.xml
2004-07-23 ecalotMore actions added. Improved running.
2004-07-23 ecalotnew actions added
2004-07-22 ecalothandled result/types.h in cvsignore
2004-07-22 sijoangesame again
2004-07-22 sijoangemake cvs ignore the generated files
2004-07-21 sijoange+ getHeight(), getWidth in output
2004-07-19 ecalotdeprecated
2004-07-19 ecalotadded parcially support for image offsets
2004-07-19 ecalotthe direction is now a modification in loading time
2004-07-18 ecalotadded new resources
2004-07-08 unlordAdded FPPalette object
2004-07-08 unlordAdded a FPResourceType enum
2004-07-07 unlordAdded a cfgDstr method
2004-07-07 unlordForgot these
2004-07-07 unlordSome ideas for how to do resource management
2004-06-22 ecalotadded mkdir in case the directories did not exist
2004-06-22 ecalotexplained better
2004-06-22 ecalotoptimized some scripting
2004-06-22 ecalotinitial
2004-06-22 ecalotbugfix: spaces in output
2004-06-20 ecalotsee diffs
2004-06-19 ecalotfubgix: first resource was reserved
2004-06-18 ecalotadded 2 dat files support
2004-06-18 ecalotadded types editor
2004-06-18 ecalotAdded validations
2004-06-18 ecalotnew interface
2004-06-18 ecalotadded type defines handling
2004-06-17 ecalotadded header in data.h added DATA_END_ITEMS define
2004-06-17 ecalotadded DATA_MAX_ITEMS define
2004-06-17 ecalotadded def extension to define files. Solved some bugs
2004-06-13 ecalotadded transparent handling
2004-06-13 ecalotthose files have been added to generate the resources...
2004-06-13 ecalotadded the main indexer script (creates the .h and ...
2004-06-13 ecalotpreliminary index documentation file (very incomplete...
2004-06-13 ecalotadded some compiled binaries to make the main indexed...
2004-06-13 ecalotadded index builder source code
2003-10-07 rootinitial checkin