2004-06-20 ecalotmodified loadImage interface
2004-06-20 ecalotadded type handling
2004-06-20 ecalotbetter resource testing dummy kernel
2004-06-20 ecalotNew private functions
2004-06-19 ecalotfubgix: first resource was reserved
2004-06-19 ecalotImproved some res_getData, it is optimum when id =...
2004-06-19 ecalotadded a dummy testing for resLoad
2004-06-19 ecalotAdded a resLoad use sample
2004-06-19 ecalotAdded tMemory structure
2004-06-19 ecalotImproved some resLoad. This code currently compiles
2004-06-18 ecalotbugfix
2004-06-18 ecalottypo
2004-06-18 ecalotadded 2 dat files support
2004-06-18 ecalotadded types editor
2004-06-18 ecalotAdded validations
2004-06-18 ecalotadded the res_data.h and res_types.h includes
2004-06-18 ecalotadded some code, does not compile anymore
2004-06-18 ecalotnew interface
2004-06-18 ecalotadded type defines handling
2004-06-17 ecalotadded header in data.h added DATA_END_ITEMS define
2004-06-17 ecalotadded DATA_MAX_ITEMS define
2004-06-17 ecalotadded def extension to define files. Solved some bugs
2004-06-16 ecalotModified to make freeprince compile
2004-06-16 ecalotnew kernel interface
2004-06-16 ecalotmain is now the parser
2004-06-16 ecalotkernel dummy, virst version
2004-06-16 ecalotadded kernel compilation
2004-06-16 ecalotmain is now a parser, the kernel makes the stuff
2004-06-16 ecalotSimilarized interfaces
2004-06-16 ecalotcreated interface to read and save configuration variables
2004-06-16 ecalotadded new interfaces for hof and sav files handling
2004-06-14 ecalotimproved interface. Added more comments
2004-06-13 ecalotadded a draft map interface
2004-06-13 ecalotadded transparent handling
2004-06-13 ecalotadded memory-free function
2004-06-13 ecalotcorrected typo
2004-06-13 ecalotredefined interface
2004-06-13 ecalotadded the palette to the interface
2004-06-13 ecalotthose files have been added to generate the resources...
2004-06-13 ecalotadded the main indexer script (creates the .h and ...
2004-06-13 ecalotpreliminary index documentation file (very incomplete...
2004-06-13 ecalotadded some compiled binaries to make the main indexed...
2004-06-13 ecalotadded index builder source code
2004-06-13 ecalotinvert parameter
2004-06-12 ecalotadded some credit stuff
2004-06-12 ecalotadded new headers
2004-06-12 ecalotadded resource handling directory
2004-06-12 ecalotadded first makefile
2004-06-12 ecalotremoved/added some debug info
2004-06-12 ecalotimproved dat interfaces
2004-06-11 ecalotganimake project suspended
2004-06-11 ecalotNuevas interfaces para manejo abstracto de la SDL
2004-06-07 ecalotAdded language translations
2004-06-07 ecalotno message
2004-06-07 ecalotdocumentation folder
2004-06-07 ecalotAdded defines write8i(char,fp),write16i,write32i,read8i...
2004-06-07 ecalotAdded PR 1.0 changes to the documentation
2004-04-03 dessayaComentarios en los .h
2004-04-03 dessayaPrueba.
2004-03-31 ecalotAdded engine script specifications
2004-03-23 ecalotno message
2004-03-21 ecalotno message
2004-03-21 ecaloto Abstracted dat
2004-03-21 ecaloto Solved partial importing bug
2004-03-21 ecalotcompiled PR 1.0b-dev2 in DLL mode
2004-03-20 rootinitial checkin
2004-03-20 rootinitial checkin
2004-03-20 ecaloto Improved function declarations
2004-03-20 ecaloto More Tested
2004-03-18 ecalotAdded this makefile for old make compatibility.
2004-03-17 ecalotTested for several platforms
2004-03-17 ecalotCompatibile with GCC -pedantic option
2004-03-17 ecalotadded new functions
2004-03-17 ecalotmoved directory
2004-03-17 ecalotrenamed file
2004-03-17 ecalotUpgraded to Pr 1.0 beta
2004-03-17 ecalotAbstracted PR handling module
2004-03-17 ecalotupgrade to PR 0.9
2003-12-22 ecaloto Renamed for compatibility
2003-12-22 ecaloto PR 0.9 compiled binary files
2003-12-22 ecaloto Solved unsigned char passed to sscanf GNU/Linux bug
2003-12-22 ecaloto Solved bugs
2003-12-14 ecaloto Solved bugs
2003-12-14 ecaloto New memory function: strallocandcopy
2003-12-14 ecaloto Solved several bugs
2003-12-09 ecaloto Last PR changes logged
2003-12-09 ecaloto Last generated files
2003-12-09 ecaloto dirent.h windows port source code
2003-12-09 ecaloto dirent.h windows port
2003-12-09 ecaloto New function headers added
2003-12-09 ecaloto Added some folders to organize the include files
2003-12-09 ecaloto Improved compresson in B1/B2 algorithms (4% in fig...
2003-12-09 ecaloto Added recursive functions to handle file processing
2003-12-09 ecaloto No changes in PR 0.9 in this file
2003-12-08 ecaloto Added .so unix library support
2003-12-08 ecaloto Solved several bugs
2003-12-08 ecaloto Added win32 port files for the program syntax
2003-12-08 ecaloto Solved the "resource 0" bug
2003-12-08 ecaloto New syntax parser code for the windows versions
2003-12-08 ecaloto New syntax parser interfaces for the windows versions